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Bike tour through Fabiani's Ljubljana

We will show you the masterpieces made by Maks Fabiani.
2 hours
Special offer!

Cycling tour to the Velodrom - racing cycling

Cycling tour to the Velodrom - racing cycling.
5,5 hours

Cycling tour to the Pokljuka

Want to experience your best sports day of the year?
7 hours

Are you looking for a licensed cycling guide

We offer professional services of a licensed cycling guide, at
Apr – Oct

Bike tour from Maribor to Miklavž na Dravskem polju

On the threshold of the city of Maribor, lies the
3 hours

Bike tour through Plečnik’s Ljubljana

We will show you the masterpieces made by Jože Plečnik.
2,5 hours

Cycling tour along the Ljubljana marshes

On the threshold of Ljubljana there is a green oasis.
3,5 hours
Early bird!

Best of Ljubljana bike tour

Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world.
2,5 hours
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Cycling tour along the Ljubljana marshes

Barje expedition.
I would like personally thank Mr. Benjamin Skaleras and Cycling world for Barje expedition. Even though I have been living in Ljubljana for 40 years professionals at Kolesarski Svet team teach us that the Ljubljana Marshes is a place of great biodiversity. Since 2008, the major part of the Ljubljana Marshes, covering an area of 135 km2 (52 sq mi), has been protected as a landscape park. The most preserved parts had been already before protected as nature reserves and as natural monuments. The Ljubljana Marsh was inhabited in prehistoric times, when it was a shallow lake. Prehistoric pile dwellings and the oldest wooden wheel in the world[3] are among the most notable archeological findings from the marshland. Since 2011, the area of pile dwellings near Ig has been protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Thanks again for great time and best wishes in the future, Miha


Best of Ljubljana bike tour

A must if visiting Ljubljana!
Ljubljana is a fantastic place for a guided bike tour, the old town is very restricted for cars, so the ride is relaxed & you see a lot without going a great distance.