On the threshold of the capital city of Ljubljana, the Ljubljana marshes extend over 160 square kilometers. The Ljubljana marsh is a combination of a vast green space in which there is a palette of various plant and animal species. It offers countless wonderful scenes, so it’s worth seeing. We will show you the most beautiful locations of the Ljubljana Marshes.  Come on a guided biking trip;  Cycling through the

Architects like to say, we build houses, houses build us. Of course, it is quite true, in good or bad. How they build us, modern glass concrete cubes can be imagined. Just as an additional contribution to the all-encompassing erosion of values in humanity at all. This is a sufficient reason to meet Ljubljana Plečnik from the cyclist’s perspective who ‘can’ do much more than a pedestrian, but above all differently. It is

With my bicycle I can go to a shop or around the world. I can go alone or in two, but if they are three or more, it is never redundant.