Cycling equipment made of recycled plastic

The circular economy is one way to reduce the negative impacts of plastics and to increase the environmental and economic benefits that this material brings. One of the solutions offered by the circular economy is cooperation between businesses and consumers in product recycling. Recycling products and their long-term use seems important to us, which is why we offer recycled bicycle bags in the Cycling World. At the same time, In Cycling World we promote sustainable business models.

Cycling bags

We will introduce you to the second generation of environmentally friendly, compact, durable and convenient cycling bags. The bags are made with stronger seams and better quality woven PP, made of 100% recycled plastic. The plastic in the rail is made of a stronger compound, which makes it much more durable. The T-shaped handle on the guide system allows easy detachment using just two fingers. In our online bike shop of the Cycling World, you will soon be able to buy bicycle bags from a Danish company, which are ideal for everyday shopping, transport or transport of items.  More details coming soon…


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