Dreams of every cyclist

With my bicycle I can go to a shop or around the world. I can go alone or in two, but if they are three or more, it is never redundant.

The world from a bike is not the same world as we see it from a car or on foot. The responsibility we have for ourselves and others is also of a special kind on the bike. You are simply somebody else and somehow “forced” to silence your restless mind. Especially in the group. If we are only three, surely someone else is with us. With the number three, the world of numbers starts and the magic of the group’s syndrome really comes to life.

The restriction of pedestrian freedom is multifaceted, otherwise known for all kinds of movements, but it is transformed into a sense of flying on a bicycle, thanks to the tempestuous wind, as in a flock that has similar guards as a bird flock.

During prolonged cycling, they come to the surface, though they have many characteristic features, which we usually conceal. The more the path is relaxed, the more playful we are and the more we approach the larger loads, our darker side of the moon is more drawn. Both of them are good for our self-knowledge and getting to know others in the group. The special quality of our trips is the ability of our cycling guide to absorb all moods during the journey into a new joy, which will be welcomed anywhere later.


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