Through Plechnik’s Ljubljana on a bike

Architects like to say, we build houses, houses build us. Of course, it is quite true, in good or bad. How they build us, modern glass concrete cubes can be imagined. Just as an additional contribution to the all-encompassing erosion of values in humanity at all. This is a sufficient reason to meet Ljubljana Plečnik from the cyclist’s perspective who ‘can’ do much more than a pedestrian, but above all differently. It is actually a film perception of spillover of an architectural image, which, in contrast to the perception of the pedestrian, creates a more complete perception of the psychology of space, which Plečnik builds it through a network of symbolism, characteristic architectural rumors and consciously harder recognizable, sometimes already esoteric effects; also by fusion of iconography of various religious and spiritual traditions.

Plečnik is difficult to walk in Ljubljana, but if we do so, the person gets to the point where the necessary attention falls. That is why Bike tour through Plečnik’s Ljubljana is a new dimension of discovering the city and the architect, which besides rare artists in this field gave him a unique seal.


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