5,5 hours
Advanced trip
Tour type

Modern velodromes consist of two 180-degree inclined branches and two flat sections, which are not always without a slope. The lengths of standard velodromes reach lengths of 150 to 500 meters, with Olympic lengths of at least 250 meters; the length of 333.3 meters is the most popular. Velodromes can be indoor or closed or outdoor. In Slovenia, the only indoor velodrome is in Češča vas near Novo mesto, it was built for the needs of the Junior World Cycling Championships in 1996.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Meeting point at the parking lot between Leclerc and Supernova on Rudnik
CHECK IN TIME at 15:00 pm
DEPARTURE towards the Velodrome at 15:15 pm
ARRIVAL at the Velodrome at 16:30 pm
SETTING UP  professional bikes for the Velodrome 16.30-17:00 pm  (you will get the bike there )
TRAINING from professional coach how to ride around the Velodrome 17:00-18:00 pm  (mandatory for all participants who are at the  Velodrome for the first time)
COMPETITION in the Sprint discipline 18:00-18:30 pm
SOCIALIZING AND LIGHT DINNER (sandwich, protein bar, isotonic drink or water) 18:30-19:00 pm
DEPARTURE to Ljubljana 19:15 pm
ARRIVAL to Ljubljana
 20:30 pm
Transport with a modern van
Calm and reliable van driver included
Reserved the entire Velodrome for the Cycling-World team
Professional guidance of an experienced touring cycling guide
All professional bikes suitable for riding on the Velodrome are included
Included training and presentation of driving on the Velodrome – Team NM
Healthy light dinner and drinks after the event included (sandwich, protein bar, non-alcoholic – isotonic drink or water)
Included goodwill and relaxation after a working week
Gratis, more healthy energy and ventilated lungs and better thoughts to relax over the weekend
accident Insurance
bike helmet


The cycling trip is carried out with the participation of at least 6 applicants.

Cycling suitable for everyone with good physical condition. A bicycle helmet and other protective equipment, gloves and appropriate clothing are mandatory.

The participant rides at his own risk and is obliged to follow the instructions of the cycling tour leader. By registering, the participant confirms that he is aware of the complexity of the cycling trip, and that he meets the health and physical conditions for safe participation. 

Welcome to this beautiful indoor Cycling Temple . 😉 Enjoy a cycling tour with experienced, friendly and professional English speaking cycling guide. Essentially, we want you to get to know new places with us and have a great time.

We will start our cycling tour to the Velodrom racing cycling in Novo mesto at meeting point at the parking lot between Leclerc and Supernova on Rudnik, Ljubljana. Check in time is at 15:00 hours. Our departure towards the Velodrome will be at 15:15 hours and our arrival  at the Velodrome will be at 16:30 pm. From 16:30-17:00 pm  we will tune up these professional bikes for the Velodrome. You will get your own the bike there. From 17:00-18:00 pm  you will  get training lessons, how to ride safely and correctly on the velodrome, from professional coach. This is mandatory for all participants who are at the Velodrome for the first time. From 18:00-18:30 pm it is competition in the Sprint discipline. From 18:30-19:00 pm we will have some time for socializing and light dinner (sandwich, protein bar, isotonic drink or water). At 19:15  hours will be departure and 20:30 pm arrival to Ljubljana.

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