Women’s experience of moving across the city differs significantly from that of men, from the purpose of their journey to the distance travelled. This article will dive into the gender differences in active travel use across the world.

The circular economy is one way to reduce the negative impacts of plastics and to increase the environmental and economic benefits that this material brings. One of the solutions offered by the circular economy is cooperation between businesses and consumers in product recycling. Recycling products and their long-term use seems important to us, which is why we offer recycled bicycle bags in the Cycling World. At the same time, In

The linear time, we live in in Western culture can now be called “non-culture” without fear, dictates the rhythm of the narrowing of consciousness. When we get in the car, it narrows. That’s when we often live in a kind of neurotic state when we become dangerous to ourselves and others. Mobility in a car cocoon gives the driver a sense of security from the outside world, which he often

The cycling season is at a standstill, but not for everyone. Most urban cyclists will garage their bikes in the winter, the more enthusiastic cyclists they will endure.  To the last, to the snow and beyond. And how to stay safe on the road then. Driving on open roads is a real hazard even in “ideal” conditions, let alone in autumn and maybe even in winter. The most enthusiastic have

Velodrome is a sports facility intended for racing cycling on a sloping track, where cyclists reach extremely high speeds. Racing cycling has developed around the world along with road cycling. The first World Championship in racing cycling was held in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 28 years before the first World Championship in road cycling in 1921. Competitions in racing cycling have been on the agenda of the Olympic Games since

In this article, we will present a cycling guide profile, playing a major role in a successful cycling tour. To be successful at work, a cycling guide must feel the love and joy of working with people and must have respect for the natural environment. Only this way, bike tour participants will be satisfied, and their cycling guide too. A cycling guide is also a teacher. Guiding a bike tour

The EU will become the first to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the European Commission proposed last Wednesday in its landmark Communication on a European Green Deal. Although details are still lacking, possibilities abound to place cycling higher on the political agenda, both at the European and national level. The EU Communication addresses the main economic sectors affected, as well as proposals on how the EU will be ‘Mainstreaming

BMC Switzerland is a premium brand in the cycling world. The company was founded in 1994. Today, the company employs approximately 120 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland, where they also have their own IMPEC Lab research center. The entire process, this is from beginning of creating a new bike through its design, prototyping and testing of bicycles, takes place directly in Switzerland. The company strives for

We wish you a peaceful holiday and a happy New Year 2020. Find time for yourself, your loved ones and your friends. Take the time to think – this is the source of power. Find time to laugh – it’s soul music. Find time to play – it’s the secret of youth. Find the time to love – this is the fruit of grace. Finding time for bike trips –

Yesterday we had guests from Netherlands. They chose a cycling tour  “Best of Ljubljana bike tour”  along the biggest attractions of the city Ljubljana. We had a nice time. Above all, we have completely fulfilled high expectations of tourists. We showed them the most important sights of Ljubljana – those that you simply cannot afford to miss. Best regards, Kolesarski Svet, Cycling World, #kolesarskisvet  #kolesarskiizleti  #bestofljubljanabiketour    #guidedbiketour