General Terms & Conditions


“Kolesarski Svet” bike tours and other activities are organized by Zavod za šport,turizem in ekološko mobilnost Ljubljana (hereinafter “Kolesarski Svet“ which term includes Kolesarski Svet’s related and affiliated companies and their employees, guides, officers, directors and agents). General Conditions regulate relations between guest on a tour and Kolesarski Svet.
I acknowledge that: Activities with Kolesarski Svet are intentionally designed to take clients ‘off the beaten path’. Tours involve physical activity that can be demanding depending on the condition of the client and the risk of serious personal injury including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the actions of other persons. There are also risks associated with the tours such as theft or loss of or damage to property. Some of the services provided in connection with the tours, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom Kolesarski Svet has no control.
I am aware of the risks involved and I am voluntarily undertaking the tour. I understand that whilst Kolesarski Svet will take every precaution to ensure my safety, Kolesarski Svet will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person and property as a result of their participation in any such activity.
I understand and have carefully considered the risks involved in taking a trip of this nature. I accept those risks and assume full responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to me, my family or my dependants arising in connection with my participation, or the participation of members of my family, in the Trip. We have our own insurance appropriate to our needs in respect of such loss, injury or damage.

Cancellation Policy
Please note: When you send enquiry or booking (via email or online form from our internet page or text on mobile phone), you will receive a confirmation email. We try to answer as soon as possible and no later than 8 p.m. if you made last possible enquiry (until 7 p.m.) for the following day. If a confirmation email is not received please check your spam folder and inform us.
In the event that bookings do not reach the minimum number of participants, the service as defined within this agreement will not be provided and any deposit that has been made by the client (if applicable) will be refunded.
The excursion will not take place in the case of adverse weather conditions or extraordinary events. In each of these cases, Kolesarski Svet withholds the right to use its own discretion when evaluating the appropriateness of tours.
In the case of the cancellation of a tour, for reasons other than those provided in the preceding two paragraphs, the customer is entitled to a refund (if applicable) of the amount paid, or, if the client so decides, the client will be entitled to participate in one subsequent tour scheduled in the following seven days after the cancellation. Should the client decide to participate in a substitute trip, they will renounce any refund claims that they were initially entitled to.

Bike Tour
The cycling tours will be held according to the attached program. Kolesarski Svet provides clients with bicycles that will be delivered in perfect working condition and which must be returned by the client in the same condition at the end of the tour. Participants will be accompanied during the tour by English speaking tour escorts. The price for the tour is stated per person taxes inclusive. Payment can be made on website or in cash on the day of the planned tour or earlier, and not through a credit card in our office.

Participants of the tour affirm that they are entirely responsible for their own actions, and that any claim for damages to Kolesarski Svet are waived. In particular, clients declare that:

  • they are able to ride a bike safely in urban and rural environment;
  • they are of good health;
  •  they know the Slovene Road Rules.

Participants must be present at the agreed tour meeting point 10 minutes before departure. No refund will be provided to the individuals that are not present at the agreed meeting time and place and no refund will be provided to those that lose contact with the group guide or in the case that they do not complete the tour.
Participants in the excursion are required to practice common sense, prudence and diligence, particularly in relation to the equipment provided by the company during the excursion, of which the participants agree to use at their own risk.
Kolesarski Svet will reserve the right to alter the tour schedule or route due to closures, special events and/or unique circumstances beyond our control.
Participants have the right to take out and purchase personal insurance to cover potential damages to their person, third parties or equipment.
Kolesarski Svet waives all claims for damages made against them, and accepts no liability for any damage to the participant, third parties and equipment caused during tours. The organization does not assume responsibility for loss of baggage, money, valuables or other items during the trip. I further  accept that all photos and videos taken on tours by guides are property of Kolesarski Svet. All such images or video are provided with a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to Kolesarski Svet to use in any medium for any purpose.
Participants are liable for all damages that Kolesarski Svet may endure due to the failure to comply with
the above mentioned obligations. In the event that before the departure the organizer communicates in writing his unwillingness to provide the services under this contract and proposes an alternative solution, the customer can either exercise the right to be entirely refunded or decide to join an alternative service.
The parties agree that any dispute that may arise out of the interpretation or the application of this Agreement must be resolved exclusively by the Court of Ljubljana. Any other court of law is expressly waived.

Kolesarski Svet or any other physical person or legal entity involved in the creation and elaboration of this website holds no responsibility for any damage resulting from access to, use or incapacity to use the information and material on the website or any inaccuracy or incompleteness of its content. Kolesarski Svet team may not be held liable for any damage to computer equipment, mobile telephones or any other application offering access to the present website.
All photographs are owned by Zavod za šport, turizem in ekološko mobilnost Ljubljana and are therefore subject to copyright. Their further use is forbidden without a written approval. Any copying, distribution, modification or other form of transmission of information and materials without the prior written permission of Kolesarski Svet team is strictly forbidden.
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Using this website in contradiction with the stated conditions is forbidden. Anyone violating our rules and regulations is materially responsible and liable for damages.